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Student Handbook

Our handbook was developed so that all parents and students would have a better understanding of the routines and procedures at Deer Creek Intermediate School.  All efforts have been made to provide a comprehensive guide of our school rules and policies, however, unforeseen circumstances will be dealt with in accordance with administrative interpretation.  This book contains most, but not all, of the rules of the school district.

The DCIS Handbook will be presented and explained to students during the school day. All students are responsible for the information, rules and regulations included in this handbook and set forth by the Deer Creek School Board. Because of the importance of the information contained in this handbook, we are asking that each student and at least one parent/guardian familiarize yourself with the handbook.

District policies and our DCIS Handbook also include expectations for bus conduct and technology/internet usage.  Use of district transportation and district technology/internet are privileges, not rights.  Failure to abide by the rules and expectations of bus conduct and technology usage will result in loss of privileges. 

Student Handbook 2023-2024