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Chronic Absenteeism

Students must attend school for at least 89% of the school year in order to be eligible for promotion to the next grade level.  Chronic absenteeism is defined by the Oklahoma State Department of Education as absences totaling 10% or more of the required days of attendance within a school year, equaling 18 days. Chronic absenteeism is in violation of the compulsory attendance law.  These numbers include both verified and unverified absences.  Students cannot exceed these limits.  

Attendance is monitored quarterly at the district level, and bi-weekly at the site level. If your child has excessive absences during the school year, you may have to appear before a district committee to review each absence.  Your child may have to be retained and repeat the current grade due to chronic absences in accordance with state law.  It is also highly recommended that students are not checked out early unless they have a doctor's appointment. All late arrivals and early check outs do count toward attendance.   If a student misses 15 minutes of a class, it is counted as an absence for that class period.  

If at any time you have a medical note from the doctor to medically excuse an absence, please bring in a hard copy to our office or email to   We need to receive the note within five days of the absence.   

If you have any particular questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Verble at (405) 531-9381.


It is important that all students get to school and class on time. If students are late to school or class they will receive a tardy.  Tardiness is recorded on attendance reports.  If a student arrives after 7:40 am, a parent or guardian must sign them in via the office.

Students checking in without a parent or guardian are considered unexcused.  Three (3) tardies will be equal to one (1) unexcused absence in individual classes each Semester.  If a student misses more than fifteen (15) minutes of a class period, the student will be counted absent for that class period.

Chronic tardiness will result in additional seat time to make up for the class time that was missed.

Report an Absence

Call: 405-715-9851

Please include the student's first and last name, teacher's name and reason for absence in the email.  

Please try to schedule appointments outside of the school day.