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Our Team

Team Transformers

Mrs. Lang, Composition
Mrs. Stigall, Math
Mrs. Hess, Literature
Mrs. Thompson, Geography
Mrs. Pinkston, Science

Team All Stars

Mrs. Neubert, Science
Mrs. Stephenson, Geography
Mrs. Hau, Math
Mrs. Birdwell, Literature
Mrs. Harstad, Composition

Team Thunder

Mr. Stone, Math
Mrs. Bowman, Science
Ms. Stephens, Composition 
Ms. Harris, Literature
Mr. Hayes, Geography

Team Heat

Mrs. Wilson, Math
Mrs. Carlow, Science 
Mrs. Melssen, Literature
Ms. Hill, Geography
Mrs. Fanshier, Composition

Team Blue Angels

Ms. Sullivan, Science
Ms. Cargill, Composition
Mr. Girod, Georgraphy
Mr. Cavender, Literature 
Ms. Albrecht, Math

Special Education Team

Mrs. Butler, SPED Teacher
Mrs. McLemore, SPED Teacher
Mrs. Velarde, SPED Teacher
Mr. Jones, SPED Teacher

Library Team

Mrs. Newkirk, Director of Library
Mr. King, Media Assistant

Student Support Team

Mr. Ottinger, Student Support
Ms. Johnson, Speech

Support Team

Ms. Beasley, Paraprofessional
Ms. McMillian, Paraprofessional 
Ms. Franco, Paraprofessional 
Ms. Stanley, Paraprofessional 
Ms. Tackitt, ISI/Behavior Paraprofessional 

Electives Team

Mrs. Herndon, Technology
Coach Winkle, Physical Education 
Mrs. Moseley, Studio Art & 3D Art
Mrs. Phillips, STEM/Robotics
Mrs. Sahmaunt, Spanish/Multi-Cultural Art

Electives Team

Mr. Cassaday, Band
Ms. McKinney, Band
Ms. Patterson, Band
 sMr. Evraets, Band
Ms. McGrew, Vocal Music